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How to Massage Friends and Influence Tissue

- Community Classes!

Tuesday: August 12th - 6:30 pm
The Garden Park Hill -

3435 Albion St, Denver, CO 80207

On Tuesday evening at 6:30, August 12th, we will be teaching a massage class geared toward the community. This month, we will be discussing hand and forearm massage.

Typically, we spend a little time showing massage techniques that do not require as well as techniques that do. We also spend just a little bit of time talking about various lotions and oils.

Our class is once a month on the second Tuesday. This will introduce you to massage without overwhelming you. The price is $15 for one person, or $25 if you want to bring a friend.

Our class is located at "The Garden - Park Hill", 3435 Albion St - Denver - 80207.

We hope to see you there!
$15 for individuals, $25 for you and a friend.

Basic Business Values

Personalized Quality
Every person is different. Every massage should be different as well. From the amount of pressure applied, to the techniques incorporated, massages are custom to what you need.
Unsurpassed Customer Service
A massage doesn’t begin and end on the table. It starts from the minute you schedule until the minute you feel better. We try to make the booking as convenient as possible, listen to your feedback, and grow with every session.
Respectful Atmosphere
From our cozy waiting area to our quiet therapy rooms, we try very hard to foster comfort. We are respectful of nature from the product we use to member programs aimed at helping the earth. Also, we are respectful of your time; we won’t spam your mailbox or start your appointments late.
Continual Education
Our therapists are committed to the life of learning massage provides. We extend what we’ve learned to our clients by our monthly newsletters and deep online article archive.

We hope you enjoy your stay!


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We offer the following services:
Traditional Thai MassageThai Massage is a unique combination of standard massage techniques mixed with stretching. Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the ground. You wear clothing like you might wear to the gym.

Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic Massage is a table massage designed to help work on knots and other affected areas in your body. Some might use the phrase "Deep Tissue", though the depth of the massage can vary greatly

Swedish Relaxation Massage Swedish Relaxation Massage is a table massage intended to help someone unwind for a while. Pressure is typically not very deep.

Hot Stone Massage Hot Stone is a unique combination of therapeutic and relaxation. Stones are warmed to 150 degrees and rubbed along muscle lines for a whole experience.

Baguanfa Cupping Baguanfa Cupping is a hard to find form of body work in the front range. Suction Cups are used to apply negative pressure to an area, helping encourage flow to stagnated areas.


I know my hands got tired last year.

...And I know exactly where it came from... It wasn't the hundreds of hours I spent working as a massage therapist. Kayaking didn't hurt my hands a bit. Even gardening was a relatively gentle experience when I used gloves.

It was all the high fives at the Bronco games. The team scored over 600 points, and I am certain there was a high five for each point. Ouch!