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A.G. – ★★★★★ Dan is an amazing massage therapist. He listens to what I need him to work on, and he has a truly healing touch. I’ve asked him to apply neuromuscular and deep tissue massage techniques, and he is very knowledgeable in both of those areas. My health issues are so much better since I’ve started seeing him on a regular basis. Will keep coming back.


Dale A. – ★★★★★ As a retired Chiropractic Physician, I was looking for knowledge and quality of care. Since meeting Dan Vigil, I have found what I was looking for and use his services for health maintenance and therapeutic needs. I have also brought my 14 yr old grandson, hockey player, and had great results.


Jill C. – ★★★★★ The Thai massage bar was high for me, having been introduced to it by superstars in San Francisco. But here’s this gentle guy in the middle of Denver who surprised me: with his strong and gentle workout, straight-up empathy, serious knowledge of his craft. I’ll be back.

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Let’s face it, the sun shines on us. We spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it’s jogging, skiing, cycling, or just walking the dog.

Alvino Massage’s mission is simple; Be a core component in maintaining your active lifestyle. We facilitate healing by relieving muscles with regular therapeutic massage. I want you to be able to take longer walks while on vacation, sit on the floor to play with your kids or grandkids, and play volleyball for an extra couple hours.

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A few things we’re great at

We offer a variety of massage therapies including Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Integrated, Hot Stone, Traditional Thai, and Baguanfa Cupping.


Thai Massage is a unique combination of standard massage techniques mixed with stretching. Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the ground. You wear clothing like you might wear to the gym.


Therapeutic Massage is a table massage designed to help work on knots and other affected areas in your body. Some might use the phrase “Deep Tissue”, though the depth of the massage can vary greatly


Hot Stone is a unique combination of therapeutic and relaxation. Stones are warmed to 150 degrees and rubbed along muscle lines for a whole experience.


Baguanfa Cupping is a hard to find form of body work in the front range. Suction Cups are used to apply negative pressure to an area, helping encourage flow to stagnated areas.

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Our Team

Yup. Pretty much just one guy. Owner. Operator. Husband. Father. Bronco Fan.

Dan Vigil

Massage Therapist

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