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The Reflex

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The Reflex

Lately, many people have come to Alvino Massage in Denver asking if I know anything about Reflexology.

Basically, Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands or ears in order to effect physical ailments elsewhere in your body. China and Egypt have the earliest traces of this practice. In 1913, Dr. William Fitzgerald introduced the concept to the United States.

Through the use of charts (pictured above), a therapist applies various compression and strokes to help the afflicted area. My teacher, Jim, showed us a very simple way to remember the chart. Imagine imposing an image of the human body over an image of the feet (pictured left). All of the points relating to your head (brains, nose, glands, etc) are in your big toes. Your spine is represented by the line inside of your inside foot. All of your organs are neatly aligned on either side of your spine.

Does it work?

Teacher Jim put it this way; There is a theory that twisting the little toe can cause the cervix to open up slightly. The thought is it helps make the birthing process more simple. Humans have spent thousands of years walking barefoot and stubbing their toes at midnight on the counter. If we were really that fragile, the human race wouldn’t have made it so long.

What I do know for a fact: If I plug the Christmas tree and ten other things to the same outlet, sometimes the power goes out. I know there is a magic switch on the back of my house that I can flip to make the lights go back on. To me, Reflexology is like playing the piano. I understand the concept and know exactly where the keys are, I just don’t yet understand how to press them to make lovely music.

On the other hand, nothing beats a good foot rub!