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Thai’ing the knot

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Thai’ing the knot

It’s been two full years since the last newsletter about Thai Massage. As of August, it’s been four years since the grand adventure to learn this massage style. If you haven’t tried a Traditional Thai Massage, this is what I love about it.

In my head, I do the same thing every single time. Long time customers of Thai Massage will tell you that is simply not true. The beauty and grace of Thai Massage is the routine. The routine is built with roots and wings.

The roots of massage teach us to do two simple things; Warm the muscle up and stretch the muscle out. The roots allow us to flow from the head to the neck to the arms to the legs in one streaming motion. We learn to work the entire system, by which, the aching parts will sooth. Work with flow and harmony.

The wings allow us to take slight detours. We can work differently. Maybe this time, we skip the arms so we can pay more attention to the legs. Sometimes, we can toss in an extra stretch to help your hips. Occasionally, we can incorporate the techniques learned in the exotic city of Lakeside, Colorado.

I like that we work the body as a system, and not just the parts. If your IT Band is tight, it’s certainly faster to work your hips and knees rather than just massage the side of your leg. The same can be said for a number of situations.

I like that it is simple. No table. No sheets. No disrobing. Customers leave refreshed, stretched, and jest they are taller!

Most of all, I like that it is the perfect balance for me. I don’t spend all day bent over the table or kneeling on the floor. I credit Thai Massage as the reason I’ve been able to work as much as I have.

The benefits are vast. You can check out the blog section (or use our nifty new search feature!) to find the other articles. It’s a very unique experience for both of us! Give it a try sometime.