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Thai or Table

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Thai or Table

I get telephone calls every week about the different modalities offered at Alvino Massage. Everybody is familiar with a table massage. Most people know of deep tissue massages. Many know the phrase “Swedish Massage”, though few know what it actually means. People generally conclude with, “What massage should I get?” Here is a simple breakdown of the choices you have at Alvino Massage:

Therapeutic Massage – Also known primarily as a deep tissue massage. A therapeutic massage has the purpose of stopping and working on afflicted areas in the body. I avoid using the word “deep tissue” because your treatment doesn’t have to be “deep” (aka painful) to be therapeutic. You should get a therapeutic massage if you have one or two specific problem spots you need to work out or like the results of a traditional table massage. I get a Therapeutic Massage when I beat myself up at volleyball and I need smoothing out.

Traditional Thai Massage –Thai Massage is performed on the floor while you wear clothes, like you might to yoga. Thai Massage is a series of compressions and massage techniques you are familiar with, followed by a series of stretches that are difficult to achieve on the table. Thai Massage will address afflicted areas, but is more focused on helping your system alleviate the causes of the condition. Get a Thai Massage if you are looking for overall wellness and increased flexibility. I get a Thai Massage when I am feeling pretty good and want to maintain a healthy body.

Hot Stone Massage – Warmed beach stones are applied to the body with the purpose of warming all tissues in order to achieve a deeper massage faster. A side benefit of the warmth is deep relaxation. Often many people fall asleep during a hot stone massage. The primary benefit of a Hot Stone Massage is the ability to get in to your muscles faster and cause less discomfort because of the heat. The disadvantage is logistical… because of the process of dealing with the rocks, there is less hands on time. I get a hot stone massage when I want a treat and deep work.

Swedish Integrated Massage – The primary purpose of a Swedish Massage is pure relaxation. A traditional Swedish Massage has pressure similar to applying sunscreen. At Alvino Massage, we add the word “Integrated” to show it’s nearly impossible to give a massage without stopping to work on something! Get a Swedish Integrated massage if you are looking to clear your head or just chillax for a while. I don’t really get Swedish Massage. But sometimes, it is nice to have lighter pressure.

Baguanfa Cupping – Cupping is the process of literally sticking suction cups to afflicted areas. It is fast relief to very specific areas. You can get amazing results with cupping. Cupping will leave bruises on your body. I have never been for a cupping session, but when I am beat up and need work, I can apply cups to myself (or more likely, get a therapist friend to help with placement). It’s the fastest way for me to get knots out of my legs.

In conclusion, there is no reason to stick to one type of massage. Each has benefits and drawbacks. If you are interested in a sample, mention it before your next massage and I’ll throw in a technique or two (hot rocks take an hour or so to heat)