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Staying off Santa’s knotty list

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Staying off Santa’s knotty list


The cooking. The cleaning. The gifts. Dinners. Parties. Friends. Relatives. Clean up. Trees. Visits. More Parties. Resolutions. Catching up on work…

…Congratulations. We’ve made it!

On the New Year, many of us vow to improve our lives. Personally, I promised to treat my body better.  I see a massage therapist regularly and, occasionally, receive acupuncture and cupping sessions. I am committing to yoga!

Most of us get 90 minutes a month of bodywork a month… if we’re lucky.  What the heck can we do with the other Forty Thousand minutes to avoid getting knots in the first place?

In “What Knots? VII – I1”, we discussed what muscle knots were and how massaging helps. Today, let’s talk about what we can do to avoid knots in the first place.

Sadly, knots happen. I don’t know a single thing that will magically make all muscle afflictions go away. A quick search on the web resulted in typical answers; stretch, drink water, watch your calcium and potassium intake.

Here’s my advice:

Pay attention to your body! My rule when I’m working is “If I notice it, I’m doing it wrong.”

After more than a thousand massages last year, that mantra served me well. If I notice my shoulders creeping up, I know I’m standing a bit too close. I widen my stance, lower my center of gravity, and continue.  When I’m sitting at the desk, I notice my chin is on my chest. My back is probably slouched causing my head to jut forward.

This method works from walking to sleeping. From playing volleyball to riding my bike, if I correct my posture, things that hurt stop hurting.

The next lesson, I learned through observation is to just keep moving. People who just sit get tight. You don’t even have to move a lot to keep the body flowing.

Water. Diet. Posture. Movement. You have almost an entire year to stay off Santa’s Knotty list. This is something you can do if you pay enough attention. And, if you need a little help smoothing out the rough parts, come on it!