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Single Point of Contact

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Single Point of Contact

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we study meridian lines. There are 10 primary channelsthat correspond to the 10 major organs of your body.

In Traditional Thai Massage, we study Sen Seb lines. There are 10 primary energy lines that correspond with the major functions of the body.

There are an awful lot of similarities that coincide with western medicine… there must be something to it 😉

Each line has a number of points. Each point, when pressed, will have a different affect on the body. Over the years, I have developed favorite acupressure points. When you visit, I might hit one or two of them… and they really get your attention!

Here are 3 points I commonly use: (that you can work yourself)

GB20 – The Wind Pond

This point is located on the back of the head just below your skull bone at the occiput. Pressing it helps with headaches, eye problems, stiffness of the neck and insomnia.

Ex1 – Yintang

This point is right above your nose and between your eyebrows. Pressing this helps relive anxiety, headaches and calms the mind. (I bet you already use this one!)

LI4 – Tiger’s Mouth

The point is near the base between your thumb and ring finger (pictured). Good for toothaches, neck pain, nasal obstruction… and to encourage labor… So, be careful with your pregnant friends!

There are about 350 points according to TCM teachings. In any given table massage, I might use up to 10 points. Without realizing you had acupressure, you generally feel a little better after!