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Pulleys and Levers

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Pulleys and Levers

It’s been nearly four years since I had that other job. You might remember, I spent many years in the residential structural design business.

People say massage couldn’t be further from houses. Everyday as a therapist, I am reminded the two are truly similar.

You say your door doesn’t close without thudding against the door frame? Chances are the door frame isn’t square anymore due to other stresses it had to endure. You say your hip is tight and doesn’t want to move anymore? Chances are it’s really because of stresses to your back, knees or feet.

It’s called tensegrity. “Tensional Integrity” is a structural concept where some components are in compression held in place by other systems that are continuously in tension. Bones are held in place (in part) by taut muscles and ligaments. In turn, these muscles and ligaments are affixed to other bones.

In other words, if you hitch your hip to support your laundry bag, the rest of your body will naturally adjust, or compensate, to keep you from falling over. Your body will be out of alignment. The most basic goal of a massage is to keep you aligned how nature intended.

And that, my friends, is why your wacky massage therapist works on your elbow when you say your wrist hurts, your neck when your shoulder is bothering you and why your left knee aches when you stubbed your right toe. The body compensates. It pulls the pulleys and pushes the bones to help keep us upright when our posture isn’t perfect. And a massage will help get you back to being your natural beautiful self.