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Politics and other types of headaches

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Politics and other types of headaches

Every four years, a phenomenon happens in the United States. The back of people’s necks get tight, the natural bands in your head tighten up, and you hear a voice… “I approve this message.” Your head throbs as thousands of politician, pundits, and friends on Facebook feed you bad math and stats trying to tell you how you are ruining the country. They feed you advice on how to vote. That’s when you feel it; a headache.

Headaches are very common. At least 30% of the population experiences them with some regularity. Twice as many women get them than men. A whopping 3% suffer from chronic daily headaches.

Did you know there are five types of headaches? You can experience the common, tension headaches. Other types of headaches include cluster headaches, sinus headaches, rebound headaches, and the mother of all, the migraine. Headaches range from annoying to debilitating.

Tension Headaches are the most common. They can appear suddenly and last from a few minutes to several days. The throbbing can be felt in the front, side, or top of the head. You can’t say a headache always come from one source. Often, multiple factors figure in. Most commonly, inadequate rest and poor posture cause headaches. Anxiety, hunger, hydration, stress and overexertion can also figure in.

Though there are many pharmaceutical solutions to headaches, there is plenty you can do on your own. First and foremost, try to figure out why you are getting them. Sleep better. Eat better. Take breaks. Self massage will also work. If you take your index and middle fingers and apply pressure (in small circles) to your temple, you will get a little relief. More significant relief will come if you massage the back of your neck near the bottom of your skull. There are also pressure points near the top of your eye socket that work wonders (but let me show you first, no need to poke out your eye!)

If you are having headache related issues, your massage therapist will know a hundred tricks. Generally, I will work the muscles described above. I will also work the sternocleidomastoid, the ropey muscle on the sides of your neck. After a little stretching, you should be much better.

Or simply, turn off the political ads.

My name is Dan, and I approve this massage.