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Now, that’s a stretch

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Now, that’s a stretch

There are a few reasons people get a massage. Some people come in to relax. Others come in to soothe specific issues. Regardless the reason, almost everybody walks in to Alvino Massage with tight muscles.

Often during your session, we reach that one muscle that makes you jump a little. You think to yourself, “Why does that hurt so much?” After that, you might ask me, “How do I stretch that?”

Stretching loosens your muscles. Stretching is refreshing. When I am sitting for several hours, nothing feels better than standing up reaching in every direction. Stretching before exercise can help you avoid muscle cramps. Gently stretching an area that is cramped can help alleviate the problem.

Stretch before exercise. Stretch after exercise. Stretch when you are watching the finals of America’s Got Talent on TV. Stretch when you feel you need to. Most people should stretch a little more than they do.

There are a few basics to remember. Don’t stretch too far. You should never stretch yourself to the point where you hurt. Get to a good comfortable point in your stretch where you feel something happening. You can go a little further next time. Don’t bounce! There are stretching techniques where bouncing is good, but these are generally under the guidance of a professional. Bouncing while stretching can lead to injury. Stretching is most effective when your muscles are warm.

Alvino Massage will help you by applying passive stretching. Whether you are receiving a Traditional Thai Massage or a Integrated Therapeutic Table Massage, stretching techniques applied by your therapist can significantly help problem areas in your body.

During your massage, your therapist will spend time warming up your muscle lines before applying a passive stretch. Depending on the goal, a stretch may last a few seconds to a few minutes. Sometimes, the stretch will be repeated to achieve the desired results. Traditional Thai Massage is a full body routine that will stretch darn near every part of your body. Stretches can be gentle enough for the least limber of us. They can be expanded so even a Yoga instructor will benefit.

There are hundreds of resources online that demonstrate different stretches. If there is a specific muscle you have a question about, talk to your physical therapist or doctor for specific recommendations. When you are getting it worked on at Alvino Massage, remember, communication will make your session that much better!