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Massage Makes a Happy Heart

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Massage Makes a Happy Heart

It’s that time of year. Everything becomes a little sweeter. Chocolates and candy hearts show up in the grocery stores. The city is painted shades of pink and red. From Cupid to the Grinch, everybody’s heart seems to pump a little harder in February.

The palpitating and fluttering bundle of joy in your chest is actually a muscle. It spends every minute of every day pumping… flexing… pushing blood through your system. The heart is not the largest muscle in your body, but it’s certainly one of the most important.

And, the poor, poor heart can never get a massage…

…or can it?

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Research has shown that hypertensive patients who received three 10-minute back massages a week had a reduction in blood pressure, compared to patients who tried to increase relaxation without massage. That’s good for your heart!

A massage can lower your heart rate. A lower heart rate means your heart can transport oxygenated blood more efficiently. That, too, is heart smart!

If you need to de-stress or relax, a massage can do that too. When you are relaxed, your heart is working so hard, you are taking deeper breaths and getting more oxygen. A massage is a safe way to help achieve all of this, the most common side effect being the dopey look on your face.

Finally, when you spend a few minutes rubbing your friend’s shoulders, the good will and warm feelings will certainly make your heart grow three sizes!