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Killing knots with kindness

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Killing knots with kindness

Believe it or not, there are customers that walk in to Alvino Massage in Denver that have never had a massage in their life. During the intake session, we always talk about what you want in your massage, what areas to focus and lastly how much pressure.

You take your first step on deciding what pressure you want when utilizing our online booking method. Your choices for table massage include what Alvino Massage calls “Therapeutic” or “Swedish Integrated”. We use the phrase “Therapeutic” instead of “Deep Tissue” because we truly believe issues can be addressed without going too deep. A “Swedish Integrated” massage is a significantly lighter touch with the goal of relaxing you, and not stopping when we find a knot.

What pressure should I take when having a massage?

That’s purely up to you. Some people like as little pressure as possible. I have given massage in the past where the pressure is no more than helping a friend put on sun screen. There are others who would like me to distribute the full weight of my body through my elbow as I somehow magically propel it down their back.

During a typical massage, I try to warm up the muscles properly through a number of techniques so you don’t have to go through too much pressure. Once we get to the “deep tissue” portion of your massage, you should ask yourself how much discomfort you can go through. Put it on a scale from one to ten, with ten being some amount of pressure you just can’t bear.

We should never get past seven. In my opinion, an eight is about the point where your muscles start clinching. Your body is protecting itself from the forces of the elbow. We, in fact, are now doing more work for a lesser effect.

Communication is the key. Talk to me during the massage. Let me know if you want less pressure. Without your input, all I can do is take a guess. My estimation is based on how far a can push on a muscle before you physically react. Some people don’t react at all, even when it’s too much. Don’t be brave. I don’t believe in that “No Pain, No Gain” mantra.

The first thing any therapist will learn is how to apply more pressure. The second thing any good therapist will learn is how to not apply that pressure. Taking an appropriate amount of pressure will not only give you a more enjoyable massage, but will rid you of that beat-up next day feeling.