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How soon we forget

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How soon we forget

Teaching is an excellent way to remember how much you’ve already forgotten. As most of you know, I now spend my mornings as a massage teacher at Heritage College in Denver.

I often have those serendipitous moments where I discover something for the first time… again. During the last several weeks, we’ve been learning “clinical assessments”. Clinical Assessment is the study of discovering known issues of the body.

For example, we’ve all heard of things like “pigeon-toed” or “knock-kneed”. But hardly any of us know of “Calcaneal Valgus” or “Genu Varum” (hint, they are the same).

As massage therapists, we never diagnose such issues. Doctors and Physical Therapists have vast amounts of training that can tell you more than we can. However, it is important for students to recognize when these conditions exist.

It has been fun watching students discover “pigeon toes” come from your which way your heel is pointing. They learn that massaging one part of your leg and tightening (yes, massage isn’t all about relaxing) another part can help a person walk straighter.

Even though I was the teacher, I very much relearned at least 70 common body deviations. It’s a constant reminder to the importance of continued education.