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Moves over My Hammies

The number one cause of face grimacing this month has been in the hamstrings. Most people who come to Alvino Massage have tight hamstrings. The hamstrings are a group of three muscles running down the back of your thigh. These muscles are the semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and the long and short heads of the bicep femoris.…
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Medications and Massage

Whenever you walk in to Alvino Massage for the first time, I ask you to fill out a tedious form. Among the multitude of questions is a section looking to discover what medications you are taking. What I am looking for are signs to what to watch for during a massage. The vast majority of…
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Massage Makes a Happy Heart

It’s that time of year. Everything becomes a little sweeter. Chocolates and candy hearts show up in the grocery stores. The city is painted shades of pink and red. From Cupid to the Grinch, everybody’s heart seems to pump a little harder in February. The palpitating and fluttering bundle of joy in your chest is…
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I know my hands got tired last year. …And I know exactly where it came from… It wasn’t the hundreds of hours I spent working as a massage therapist. Kayaking didn’t hurt my hands a bit. Even gardening was a relatively gentle experience when I used gloves. It was all the high fives at the…
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Killing knots with kindness

Believe it or not, there are customers that walk in to Alvino Massage in Denver that have never had a massage in their life. During the intake session, we always talk about what you want in your massage, what areas to focus and lastly how much pressure. You take your first step on deciding what…
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It’s a trap!

“Honey, I’ve had a long day at work. Can you rub my neck?” Most of us can use a neck massage after work. We sit in front of computer screens, with our head jutted forward. When we commute, our heads are not relaxed. We walk with a forward leaning posture, meaning our head is not…
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How soon we forget

Teaching is an excellent way to remember how much you’ve already forgotten. As most of you know, I now spend my mornings as a massage teacher at Heritage College in Denver. I often have those serendipitous moments where I discover something for the first time… again. During the last several weeks, we’ve been learning “clinical…
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How long will this take?

One of the most frequently asked questions when meeting a new client is, “How many sessions will it take before I feel better?” That’s a very tough question, and can hardly be answered in general. In school, Teacher Jim used to tell us massage a good rule of thumb is one session per month that…
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Honey, my jaw hurts. Can you rub my belly?

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Never in my life would I have guessed the way to a man’s jaw is also through his stomach. This is a funny career I have. Massage therapy. I went to school for better than a year and taken at least five weeks…
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Foot Fault: Plantar Fasciitis

Autumn is just around the corner. The fall is my favorite season of the year. The days are cooler, the nights are still mild, and football will soon take up the weekends. For those of you who watch sports, you are familiar with a very strange sounding condition that surely will take someone out of…
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