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A nice belly rub

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A nice belly rub

As many of you know, I draw inspiration for most of the newsletter from my everyday life. Often, many of you are going through similar issues. That’s where many topics such as posture, ergonomics, sports massage have come from. Many times, there is a specific problem that somebody I know is working with.

Today, it’s a harmonic convergence. Clients have been talking about this. A few people benefitted from this. And our cat, Mana Mana, was the final vote on this month’s topic. This morning, he jumped on the bed and flipped over for his daily belly rub.

Funny, the clues you pick up from the animal kingdom. Most domestic beasties love to get pet. Their low guttural rumblings prove beyond a doubt that a relaxing Swedish Massage is awesome. Therapeutic Deep Tissue works on pets, too. They are patient while I work out knots and trigger points. Just like people, they lightly complain with a nip at pressure.

Then why would we ignore their favorite massage of all? The belly rub!

Alas, we are all too aware of our midsection. In school, all therapists are taught stomach techniques. In the gym, everybody works for that six pack. Somewhere in between, we get shy. We don’t want our stomachs touched.

Abdominal massage certainly will help your digestive system. Gentle strokes in a clockwise manner will help greatly (Trust me here, clockwise only!)

Another thing about your abdomen; there isn’t much skeletal support. Your shoulders, legs, even back is mostly supported by bone. In your midsection, you are supported by a six pack (in my case, a pony keg!). Your abs, psoas, and other core stabilizing muscle can use attention, too.

Athletes can benefit from massaging the diaphragm. Heck, anything that encourage deeper breathing benefits just about anyone. Working your diaphragm, and possibly some of the muscles in your ribs, the “intercostals”, can help achieve tremendous results.

Don’t worry, I’ve learned many lessons about abdominal massage. The lessons learned in massage school varied greatly between the United States and Thailand. Possibly the greatest lesson was from the cat: Abdominal massage for no more than three minutes, or else he claws and bites!