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Month: July 2017

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Thai’ing the knot

It’s been two full years since the last newsletter about Thai Massage. As of August, it’s been four years since the grand adventure to learn this massage style. If you haven’t tried a Traditional Thai Massage, this is what I love about it. In my head, I do the same thing every single time. Long…
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Thai or Table

I get telephone calls every week about the different modalities offered at Alvino Massage. Everybody is familiar with a table massage. Most people know of deep tissue massages. Many know the phrase “Swedish Massage”, though few know what it actually means. People generally conclude with, “What massage should I get?” Here is a simple breakdown…
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Tebowing and other bad things you can do to your back

Last year, the number of incidents of lower back pain swelled to an all time high. People all around town were walking with their hands gently supporting their backs. The 16th Street Mall looked like a scene from a super hero convention with half the citizens standing akimbo. In March, the problem mysteriously disappeared from…
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Summer Breaks

Warm weather is upon us! The mini-blizzards of April are a thing of the past. We can look forward to a summer of running and jumping and playing! One of my favorite times of year, but, it’s also when I hurt myself the most. As a kid, I broke four bones in a two year…
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Single Point of Contact

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we study meridian lines. There are 10 primary channelsthat correspond to the 10 major organs of your body. In Traditional Thai Massage, we study Sen Seb lines. There are 10 primary energy lines that correspond with the major functions of the body. There are an awful lot of similarities that coincide…
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Staying off Santa’s knotty list

Phew… The cooking. The cleaning. The gifts. Dinners. Parties. Friends. Relatives. Clean up. Trees. Visits. More Parties. Resolutions. Catching up on work… …Congratulations. We’ve made it! On the New Year, many of us vow to improve our lives. Personally, I promised to treat my body better.  I see a massage therapist regularly and, occasionally, receive…
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Run Forrest Run

There you are, in training. You’re competing in the Bolder Tough Warrior Tri-Mudder-a-thon. It is an insane test of stamina and will power that requires you to run, carrying your bicycle through a lake, uphill, both ways. You remember Forrest Gump and his epic cross-country run. In the movie, they showed him concluding his run…
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Pulleys and Levers

It’s been nearly four years since I had that other job. You might remember, I spent many years in the residential structural design business. People say massage couldn’t be further from houses. Everyday as a therapist, I am reminded the two are truly similar. You say your door doesn’t close without thudding against the door…
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Politics and other types of headaches

Every four years, a phenomenon happens in the United States. The back of people’s necks get tight, the natural bands in your head tighten up, and you hear a voice… “I approve this message.” Your head throbs as thousands of politician, pundits, and friends on Facebook feed you bad math and stats trying to tell…
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Now, that’s a stretch

There are a few reasons people get a massage. Some people come in to relax. Others come in to soothe specific issues. Regardless the reason, almost everybody walks in to Alvino Massage with tight muscles. Often during your session, we reach that one muscle that makes you jump a little. You think to yourself, “Why…
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