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Month: July 2017

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You don’t need a chill pill

Every time someone new visits Alvino Massage, you fill out an intake form. This arduous task asks about what you do, your aches and pains and various physical activities you undertake. My favorite line on this form is “What do you do to relieve stress?” The parade of answers varies as much as the people…
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Where are they now? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“Doctor, doctor, I keep having these dreams where I’m a fish… and I’m swimming toward the light,” said the patient. The doctor carefully considered the situation. “Don’t you worry,” he said, “You just have carp-in-tunnel syndrome.” The tragedy in that bad joke was that I actually wrote it… back in 1992. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome was…
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What is a rotator cuff?

A common move in volleyball warm-ups is to toss the volleyball around. From an outsider’s perspective, it may look as if a group of adults is playing an extremely passive game of hot potato. Generally, this slow game starts with a gentle over hand toss. It evolves in to a double arm, overhead throw. After…
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Welcome to my Lumborum-torium

Halloween has past. The kiddies are dividing up their candy at school. There are endless mounds of leftover fun size Almond Joy at work. So, why are you still moving slowly, like Quasimodo lumbering? It could be your Quadratus Lumborum. Commonly known as the “QL”, this muscle connects your lower back vertebrae and your bottom…
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A tale of two calves: The story of the distal heart

The tale of two calves is as old as time. Greek history tells of Pheidippedes, the messenger who ran from a town called Marathon to Athens. Pheidippedes had two calves. Before he even contemplated building an ark and collecting animals, even Noah had two calves. In more modern times, Douglas MacArthur once boldly proclaimed, “I…
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Battlestar Sciatica

In the TV series from the late 70’s, Battlestar Galactica introduced us to humans spread across the universe. One of the fearless leaders, Lieutenant Starbuck lead the rebellion against a huge pain in the region; the Cylons. In any given week, a customer will walk in to Alvino Massage, lead by a large cup of…
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A nice belly rub

As many of you know, I draw inspiration for most of the newsletter from my everyday life. Often, many of you are going through similar issues. That’s where many topics such as posture, ergonomics, sports massage have come from. Many times, there is a specific problem that somebody I know is working with. Today, it’s…
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How massage reduces anxiety

Any good friend or massage therapist will tell that if you’re stressed, you should get a massage. That special person you cozy up with on the couch might rub your shoulders when they recognize you are anxious. Does it really work? Why does it work? Is there any actual research to back up these claims?…
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The Reflex

Lately, many people have come to Alvino Massage in Denver asking if I know anything about Reflexology. Basically, Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to certain parts of the feet, hands or ears in order to effect physical ailments elsewhere in your body. China and Egypt have the earliest traces of this practice. In…
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The physical manifestation of emotional stress

At Alvino Massage in Denver, it is very important to find out what a person is looking for before we start your treatment. Before we start your massage, I ask where you would like me to focus. The vast majority of the time, people will say, “I carry all my stress…” and point to a…
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